I was hired by Tomorrow’s Leaders Pipeline to propose and lead a project that involves industry partners and hire a team of students to fulfil this project in collaboration with them.

I integrated a project I was preparing to work on with unicef within this program.

I invited Largelabs Game Development Studio to be a consultant, co-advisor and creative industry partner to work on the initial prototype and apply for a grant proposal by October 2022 (USAID-DIV) which supports innovations that already have a prototype, proof of concept, or minimal viable product (MVP), to help us develop and deploy the pilot phase for games with their communication strategy that focuses on making Egyptian children from 6 to 9 and/or 10 to 12 years old in urban areas, who live in open communities with medium to low income (base of the pyramid), choose to eat healthier snacks while they are at school or in the street.

Project Team:

Ahmad Saqfalhait (Project Manager + Co-Advisor)
Karim Aboul-Enein (Project Consultant + Co-Advisor)
Maria Maged Aramanious (Project Assistant + Game Design)
Amr Abdallah (Programming Assistant + Game Design)
Maria Maged Aramanious (Game Design + Graphic Design)
Engy Khaled Mohamed Sabry (Game Design + Graphic Design)
Salma Elbarbary (Game Design + Graphic Design)
Nour Hassan (Game Design + Illustration)
Omar Yasser Bazan (Game Design + Copy-writing)
Seif Alwani (Game Design + Animation)
Maha Khalid Alhashdi (Illustration)
Omar Mohamed Fayed (Game Programming)
Ikrame Rekabi (Game Design + Game Programming)
Maram Selsabila Mahmoudi (Game Design + Game Programming)
Youssef Mohamed Anwar (Game Design + Game Programming)
Tarek Kassab (Game Design + Game Programming)

  • Role Creative Director + Project Manager
  • Date 2022
  • Type Game Design